Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello incredibly long week!

This is going to be a tough week.  Our front desk girl is gone this week until Friday which means lots of work for the hubby and I.  I just got done working on charts, and there is a huge long list of things I still need to do tomorrow in the clinic.  No morning off for me tomorrow.  So needless to say, posts might be kind of short this week.

Breakfast was an energy bar from the Hy-Vee healthmart, I'm using a recycled picture here.

Lunch- I didn't have any chicken for a salad, so I had an open-faced roast beef and sharp cheddar sandwich.  Added some jalapeno mustard and spinach.  I also had a couple Doritos on the side since hubby opened a bag of those. Darn it!  Stupid salty weaknesses.  I did count though, and had less than the serving size, which was 11.  Go me.  And for dessert I had an awesome organic Fuji apple with a touch of peanut butter.

Hubby made supper- delicious grilled smart chicken (marinated in Italian dressing), steamed broccoli, and garlic rice.  Charts, blogging, pumping, bedtime.  Sorry that's all folks!

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