Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a run

And a swim. And a bike ride.  I finished my triathlon yesterday!

Sorry about the no-posts last couple nights.  We were in a huge rush to get to Iowa Falls on Friday night and I was so tired that I just went to bed without posting on my phone.  Then last night I pretty much typed up the whole post, but fell asleep while putting the pictures in.  Oopsie!  So this one will be a long one.

Before I forget, breakfast on Friday was vanilla Chobani with blueberries and chia seeds.  Lunch was a burrito.  We were running low on spinach, so no salad.  Just enough for a burrito.  Good thing I had it, because I needed it to get through that crazy afternoon.

When we got to Iowa Falls, my brother grilled up some burgers and brats and made cheesy cauliflower.  I had one of each.  Probably over did it, and I was worried about eating too much the night before.

I felt ok the next morning, except for a sore throat.  Not sure if it's allergies or just head cold.  Had a solid 4-5 hours of sleep under my belt, ready to go!

My brother made me a smoothie for breakfast, and I'm pretty sure I saw him put ice cream in it.  I'll take it!

We got to the race site and signed in to get my race chip and then set up my transitions.  I think Cheri was a little nervous- I remember I was a wreck before my first triathlon.  This time I was much more relaxed and ready to go.  I tried to view it as just another workout.

Getting ready... thanks for the sweet braids Mollie!

So the swim was first.  300 yards in an indoor pool.  It was a staggered start, so one person went every 30 seconds or so. This is the only time I felt nervous, like I hadn't prepared enough. Then I got in the water and within the first couple strokes I was feeling it. I was cruising, even passed the guy in front of me!  Of course, as soon as we got on the bikes, he then immediately passed me and I never saw him again.

About to start!

Here's me passing the guy in front of me at the wall

Transition #1

The bike ride was my hardest.  I don't think my bike is set up right, because I had a lot of pain at my elbows. And the whole ride felt like it was against the wind and uphill.  I know, whine whine.

My favorite part of the bike was the turn at mile 9.  The workers had a radio blasting, playing Miley Cyrus "The Climb".  It was so motivating.

Once I got my bike in and set off to run, my legs felt like jelly, as usual.  Even though my legs were jelly I started out running about an 8 1/2 minute split for the first mile.  I was pumped.  Then around mile 2 I started to slow down.  My mile splits got slower as I went on, so I didn't quite get under 30 minutes for the 5K.

Just starting the run

Almost done!!  Ignore the 2 hour timer, I didn't start at 0:00

I finished in 1 hour and 50 minutes. 6th in my age group.  Not bad for some 30-year old!

I'm glad I did it, but sooooo glad I'm over.  I have to say, this was a very well-run triathlon.  I thought it was pretty awesome, and it would make a great beginner tri for anyone that hasn't done one.  The swim in the pool was so nice, no gross water and chance of drowning and never being found.  Didn't hurt that the weather was absolutely beautiful, not too hot and not too cold.

Afterwards we "celebrated" with McDonalds.  I was actually good, and got the Asian chicken salad.  Did go with breaded chicken though.  And a medium mocha frappe!

Apparently the morning just wore out my boys, they slept in the back seat from Waterloo to home.

Then last night we had a couple friends over to enjoy some meat that hubby made with his new smoker.  It was so darn good.  I felt like we were running a Famous Dave's or something.  Here is a pic of the spread, chicken drummies, brats, ribs, baked beans and cornbread.

Here's the hubby working on his meat!

I ate so much last night.  Pretty sure the triathlon cancelled out about 1/4 of what I ate.  Oh well, accomplished a big goal.  :)

This morning I started my day with a breakfast of warm cornbread with some honey.

I think my only goal today is to rest up.  My legs feel great, just tired.  However that is probably a sign I didn't push myself hard enough.  I need the rest to make up for the lack of sleep last night.  Tyler is just having such a rough time, I don't know if it's the teeth, but he's just not interested in eating during the day then makes up for it at night.  He woke up at least 3 times last night.  Still has an awful diaper rash, which is not fun.  He itches at it constantly so we can never just let it air dry.  We've tried Aquaphor, Buttpaste, and Zinc Oxide but nothing seems to help.  Changing his diaper is a two person job, because he grabs and itches so hard at the raw skin, someone has to hold his arms down.  Then when he can't use his arms, he kicks like crazy with his legs so the other person has to hold down his legs.  Then he goes berserk.  Anyone have any suggestions for bad diaper rash??  Leave me a comment!

Today won't be as crazy, so look for another post tonight!


Lori said...

Try crisco... we've used it at a dr's recommendation. Works great!

LTchiro said...

Interesting. I don't have any Crisco on hand but would yogurt spread work? :) I'm thinking this is more than a diaper rash though, looks like a fungus infection. Treating it with a little anti-fungal.... we'll see how it is tomorrow!

Mrs. K said...

Our friends swear by a mixture of Mylanta and Aquaphor. For us, the best healing method for our babes a good soak in the bath and then lots and lots of air time without a diaper. We had wood floors though. ;-)Hope its better soon! Poor little dude!

Brook said...

Diaper rash... yuck. We were told to stop using wipes until its goen and use a wet wash cloth and then pat dry with a clean/dry washcloth. Nothing works better than desitin for us. Great job on the tri...its on my bucket list.