Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This week is sucking the life out of me!  In a good way- we're busy at the clinic and busy with Tyler.  Trying to scrap together babysitters until we have to start daycare.  Thank you so much Erica and Jill!  I don't know what we'd do without friends like you guys.  It's hard living so far from family...

Breakfast:  I felt like eating a lot of blueberries.  I probably could have just eaten them plain, but there's no protein there, and I firmly believe you should start out every day with some kind of protein for breakfast.  So I added them to another new-to-me kind of Chobani.  Tried the "honey" flavor today.  I sprinkled a couple chia seeds on top and tried it out.  Not a fan of this one either.  Couldn't really taste the honey flavor.  The blueberries were good though.

For some reason I was super hungry after eating my berries and Chobani, and since the hubby opened a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, I decided I needed a bowl of that too.  Sorry, no pic.  I usually don't eat cereal for breakfast, since there's so much sugar I eat it as a dessert.  I guess today it was my breakfast dessert!

Lunch was another spinach and arugula salad.  We used up the left-over roasted chicken from Monday.  Here's a little helpful hint: when we put it away on Monday it looked a little dry because it was all breast meat leftover.  So I dumped a little chicken broth (can use chicken stock) on top and today it was super moist.  And super delicious on my salad.

Here's the pic: spinach, arugula, chicken, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkin seeds, feta and Newman's Own poppyseed dressing.

I took another "after the dressing" picture, and realized it's not as pretty.  It also looks like I dumped a ton of dressing on it, but I only used 2 tablespoons.

I also had to have a little side of Hint of Jalapeno tortilla chips.  Gotta have my salt.

Dessert was about half a watermelon.

After another very busy day in the office, my hubby took care of supper.  Any excuse to use the new grill grates!  Burgers were on the menu, and it would have been a side of potatoes and onions, but due to time constraints, we settled on potato chips.  At least we went with spicy cayenne and cheddar kettle chips.  Gourmet!

That's sharp cheddar on the burger

To do list for tomorrow:
1. Finish charts
2. Work in office catching up on paperwork
3. Yoga!!
4. Run
5. Clean kitchen

Ambitious, right?  Hopefully I don't just sleep all day.  Nighty night!

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