Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home sweet home

Home sweet home.  I feel like I've been gone forever.

Today was a little rough.  Didn't get to bed until about midnight, then up at 4 am with Tyler.  He just wanted to get up and eat some more, then play.  We didn't hit the road until about 11, so we just skipped right over breakfast and started lunch.

An old college fav- Qdoba nachos.  I like to pile on the salsas-3 different kinds.  Shredded cheese on top, but no sour cream or guac.  Underneath are black beans, chicken and a cheese sauce.  And deliciously salty tortilla chips.

I did get a little cat-nap in when we got back, but not a long one.  Did some laundry, unpacking and kitchen cleanup.

Supper was left-over Harris pizza, from Thursday night?  I don't remember, they're all a blur.  No groceries=crap for supper.

Oh my gosh, forgot to tell you about the big dinner last night.  Palmer always has a big party at the end of homecoming, with a catered meal.  You get all you can eat buffet, all you can drink, and there is a HUGE dessert tent.

Pretty much the only reason I go to homecoming every year is for the bananas foster.  I'm not kidding.  There's something so good about cut-up bananas heated up in a caramel-y sauce dumped over cold vanilla ice cream.

No picture to prove it, but I was very disappointed.  To save time, they just cut the banana in half and then split it, dumped it in a saucepan and poured the premixed caramel sauce + rum over it, heated it for less than 10 seconds and poured it over melted ice cream.  I know they did it because the lines were so long last year. I even confronted one of them after I was served the substandard serving.  I still ate it, but went back for another and the guy cut it up special for me because I complained.  Still wasn't as good because they couldn't pour the rum in and flambe it like they were supposed to.  I'm such a psycho.

I did get a picture of the main meal, but only after I had demolished the veggies on the bottom of the plate.  The rest of the plate consisted of a hard as a rock whole wheat roll, potatoes, baked chicken, and prime rib with a blackberry and cherry sauce.  The prime rib was sooo good, I went back for another plate of just the meat and sauce.  I was sweating after it.  Meat sweats.

The spoon was my main utensil because I grabbed two spoons and no fork.  I was too hungry (and lazy) to walk all the way across and grab a fork so I just cut stuff with a plastic knife and ate it with a spoon.

No beverages for me, since I was driving.  Just water.

So here we are, Sunday night, back to work tomorrow.  Back on track with eating, and getting ready for the last couple days before the triathlon!

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