Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bloody Mary City!

Too tired to post last night, so I'm making up for it this morning.  Grandma Pat is in town, which helps me out a lot.  Yesterday morning I was able to make it to the Farmer's Market and pick up 4 dozen farm fresh eggs.  That better last us a week.

After that we picked up and headed to Galena for the day, to do a little shopping and exploring.  Galena is in NW Illinois, and it is absolutely beautiful there- very historic little town with lots of shops.  Highly recommend it for a day trip if you get the chance.  Yesterday the weather was perfect, so everybody and their dog was there.

The first stop was lunch, since breakfast was just a Clif bar.  We ate at some pub, Boone's maybe?  I was starving, and of course that's when I make bad decisions, so I ordered the white cheddar curds for an appetizer.

They came with bbq sauce in this nifty little container.  They were sooo good, but would have been even better if we had 2 more people to split them with.

For the main course I had a peppercorn chicken wrap.  It came with a side of potato salad.  I tried not to eat all the salad to make up for the cheese curds.  I came close.  The wrap was good, kind of boring except for the addition of sauteed onions.  At least the portion size was on the smaller side so I felt a little better about myself.  (I totally know this kind of self-talk is bad for me, don't worry.)

Tyler gnawed on his stroller for lunch.

After lunch we went to my favorite winery, Galena Wine Cellars, which is just downstairs.  We loaded up with some yummy wine that I can't wait to enjoy.

We ended up having to carry Tyler because it was way too crowded for a stroller there.  He did ok, fell asleep in my arms at one point.  I definitely need to get back to lifting weights, because my upper back did not feel good after carrying that lug around.  The things I do for that boy.  jk Love you Tyler!

We did sit down and take a break in a little town circle.

Tyler and Grandma

Apparently Galena is the Bloody Mary capital of NW Illinois, because every single bar had a sign out advertising their Bloody Mary's.  Can you believe I didn't stop to drink a single one?!!  Where's that self control when it comes to lunch?!  We did do a little wine tasting though.  I think next time I will be trying out the place with a Bloody Mary Bar- choose your own fillers.

They also have tons of candy stores, which is also tempting.  I dare you to go in and not get anything.  I got a couple pieces of salt water taffy in one store and then a dark chocolate haystack in another.

After that exhausting couple of hours, we headed back to Dubuque where we met up with my cousin Kayla for supper.  Ate at Champ's, where I had a delicious salad.  This was probably not the healthiest of salads, but it was good and I felt better about myself.

Here's a really crappy picture of it.  Super dark in there and my flash on my phone is way too bright.  It was a chopped salad with bacon (told you it wasn't healthy), grilled chicken, dried cranberries, sliced apples, pecans and bleu cheese.  The dressing was a balsamic vinaigrette.

Made a quick stop to Hy-Vee to stock up on some healthy goodies.

That's about all for yesterday folks!  Started this morning off with a delicious smoothie that I'll post later.  Get out there and enjoy that weather today!  Unless you're on the East Coast... thoughts going out to the people there.  We have friends in Brooklyn that got evacuated, but everyone is safe and sound.  Keep the prayers going!

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