Monday, August 29, 2011

Battle with Thrush

TMI alert, if you don't want to read about my battles with breastfeeding, just stop reading right now.

Remember that nasty little rash Tyler was dealing with?  Well it's back.  I treated it with some OTC antifungal cream, and it went away almost immediately, only to come back a couple days later.  Then I noticed that I've been having some pain during pumping sessions and some cracked and red skin in the nipple region.  Told you, too much information.  Put two and two together, and figured we're dealing with some thrush issues.

I'm not one for going to the doctor if I can treat it naturally, so here's what we're trying, as of this morning:

For Tyler: antifungal cream on rash followed by zinc oxide cream to keep moisture out.  No baby wipes used on skin, just watered down paper towels.  Might add in a vinegar rinse.  I also am adding 1/8 tsp of probiotic powder to one bottle every day to help balance his natural flora.

For me: Grapefruit seed extract solution applied after pumping, then air dry.  Probiotic with every meal.  Lots of washing and sterilizing pump and bottle parts.  Limit sugar intake as of today!

Yeast thrive on sugar, so it's important to keep that out of the diet.  I say this as I'm watching the new Food Network show Sugar High.  They are currently making coconut cream pies.  Total torture.

That's enough yeast talk for now.

Meals today:

4 tiny eggs scrambled up for breakfast

Spinach salad! Spinach, chicken, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, feta cheese, poppyseed dressing.

Chicken nachos because we were tired and starving. Queso with Rotel, chicken, black beans, spinach and bite size Tostitos



I'm sure I'll be up several times tonight with Tyler, he fell asleep as soon as he got home from daycare.  We woke him up at 8 to feed him, but he fell right back asleep.  What a tired little baby!

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