Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a day

What a jam-packed day.  My swim went awesome this morning, even though I wasn't too excited about getting in the water when it was about 60 degrees out.  It made me feel a little more confident about the triathlon.

After swimming, I enjoyed a new flavor of Chobani.  Strawberry banana.  It was 2%, so it was a little creamier. I wasn't a big fan though.  The banana tasted fake, would rather just have plain yogurt and add my own fruit in.  Guess that's the way it usually goes though.  

Later in the morning my sister-in-law came up with her little boy Beau.  He's my favorite nephew!  (And only nephew but who's counting)

Tyler and Beau got up close and personal.  

We decided to have lunch at Chuong Garden, since that's Katy's favorite. Since it's only a block or two away, we walked.

Hubby was a gracious gentleman and carried both babies until his shoulders nearly fell off.

I enjoyed some cashew chicken and a crab rangoon.  Couldn't eat it all because it was super spicy.  I drank so much water that I didn't have room for all the food.  Maybe that's something I need to do a little more often...

After a very busy afternoon in the clinic, hubby grilled up some pork ribeyes from Fareway and I made up some little spinach side salads.  Mine had spinach, arugula (mixing it up!), banana peppers, green pepper, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese and poppyseed dressing.  Felt great to finally eat salad again.

I only had one of these! And not even all of one.  I had to share.

I bought a watermelon last night while grocery shopping and decided to cut that bad boy up.  I don't remember where I read this, but there was an article on a blog that I read about how to cut a watermelon.  I always thought the way I did it was ok, but now I can get it done in no time!  I feel kind of stupid that I didn't know how to do this in the first place.

Step one: slice the watermelon in wedges.

Step two: make vertical cuts along the length of each wedge.

Step three: slice horizontally across the wedge and drop pieces into container.  

Step four: run knife along edge of wedge to get rest of watermelon out.

Seriously, how did I not know to do that?!  It saves so much time.  

Oh yeah, and another big accomplishment for the day is that Tyler tried squash again.  He tried some last night but it was only kind of successful, but he did so good tonight that I thought I'd mention it!  He made a huge mess, but managed to get some in his mouth.  This was just Gerber squash, haven't made any other food ourselves except avocados and rice cereal.  

It was also Tyler's 5 month "birthday".  5 months ago I was in the most pain I've ever been in, but experienced the most joy I've ever felt.  We just feel so blessed everyday to have him in our life.  Love you little guy!

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