Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stuffy Sunday

Well I accomplished my goal of not doing anything today.  I did finish some clinic work and do some light cleaning, but other than that I just sat around.  Felt good too, remember that sore throat I woke up with yesterday? It's developing into a little head cold/sinus junk.  Rest was a good thing today (plus Tyler was up about 4 times last night).  I also got an adjustment from my hubby- that helped very much.

Tyler was kind of a stinker today, I don't know if it was his diaper rash, teething, or he's sad about the fact that he starts daycare tomorrow. Or maybe that's me that's sad.  : (

I shouldn't be sad because he had a babysitter all summer, so it's not like we haven't been away from him.  However this time we actually have to drive him and drop him off somewhere, and be gone all day.  I think all moms that send their kids to daycare go through this, right???  It will be an emotional day.

Time just goes so fast....

Sorry for the lack of food pictures from the rest of today.  I just had leftovers for the most part, which were just ok because I can hardly taste anything because of my sinuses.  Isn't that the worst part of being sick- not being able to taste food?!

Before I sign off, anyone else out there watch The Glee Project?  Am I the only dork that watches Glee AND The Glee Project on Oxygen?  Season finale tonight- I was pretty happy with the results.  Now I can rest peacefully.  : )


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