Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Survived day 2 of daycare

I forgot to mention the other day, when we dropped Tyler off at daycare the first time, this little boy comes up and pokes him in the eye (not hard or anything).  This kid had a red rash all over one side of his face.  Hubby and I just looked at each other and thought "oh my Lord".  Today that same kid came up to peek at Tyler, and had green stuff dripping out of his nose.  I have a feeling daycare is going to wreak havoc on his immune system.  And his sleep schedule- he took a 15 minute nap and a 20 minute nap today.  Yikes.

Had a rough night with Tyler last night, he just couldn't eat enough and for some reason didn't want to sleep in his crib.  We had a slumber party on the couch instead.

Sometime this morning in my sleepy haze, I poured a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios because I was too lazy to get anything else.  I finally got it together and took a shower then grabbed a pomegranate Chobani on the way out of the door so I could get a little protein in to start the day.

I'm one of those girls that likes hardly any milk in her cereal

Still haven't made it to the store for spinach, so for lunch I had a quesadilla, using our new grill press.  I put some chicken, black beans and shredded colby jack in a spinach tortilla, folded it in half, sprayed the outside with some olive oil PAM and then pressed it down with the grill press.  Pretty handy- it was nice and crunchy.

Topped it with some salsa.

For supper we used up a couple more jalapeno peppers, and made some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.

Just cut the pepper in half, take the seeds out (with a spoon, not your hands!), put a dab of lowfat cream cheese in the middle, put the pepper back together and wrap with bacon.  We secured it with a toothpick and threw them on the grill for 15-20 minutes.  I must not have gotten all the seeds out because a couple lit my mouth on fire.  Overall they were a success though.

The main meal was a cajun-seasoned grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli.


I have a breakfast concoction in the fridge, so you'll have to stay tuned until tomorrow to find out what it is!

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