Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy birthday to my hubby!

Happy almost 30th birthday to my hubby!  That's right, he's only 29 today and never lets me forget that I am older.

Sorry about not posting last night, my schedule is all over the place this week.  I forgot we play softball on Monday and Tuesday night this week, then tomorrow we take off for seminars from Thursday to Saturday.

I also apologize for a couple repeats of meals.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets in ruts, but we really get stuck eating the same things over and over.  At least they're somewhat healthy meals.

Breakfast yesterday was one of my fav Chobani's- lemon with blueberries, organic coconut and chia seeds.  Didn't bother with a picture since you've seen it before.

Lunch was a tasty salad.  I'm not just saying that because I was starving either.  Spinach, leftover chicken, slivered almonds, banana peppers, cucumbers, grapes!, and Newman's poppyseed dressing.  Oh, and feta cheese.

After a super busy afternoon in the office, I had a quick grilled turkey and sharp cheddar sandwich on Ezekial because we had to play ball at 8:15.  Used some yogurt spread on both pieces, put 2 pieces of turkey and one of cheddar in between them, and grilled it up.

Remember the raspberry sorbet I worked on over the weekend?  It was pretty good.  Don't forget to set it out for about 10 minutes before serving so it scrapes easily.  Next time I will definitely use some extra effort and strain out the seeds.  A little gritty.

After sleeping through the whole night (thanks little buddy), woke up and felt like using my Organic Valley yogurt.  I wrote about this a couple days ago, about how I love using it in smoothies because it's almost a liquid.  You can actually drink it, so it's great for kids that don't like yogurt.  And not only is it organic, but it's local.  This company outsources to different farms across America and on the website you can actually look up the local farms that contribute to the company.  It's like a huge co-op.  Check it out.

Today I just dumped it over some blueberries and a banana.  Soupy but good.

I'll try to get back on track and get another post going tonight.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather!!

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