Sunday, September 25, 2011

Short and Sweet

This will be a short post, because I cannot for the life of me find my USB cord to get the pictures from my camera.  This actually works out well for me, since the pictures weren't too pretty.

I attempted to make some banana brown sugar pancakes for hubby, since they were so good in Vegas.  I didn't really know what I was doing, and they did not work.  They tasted ok, but looked absolutely horrible.  I'll try again someday.

Lunch was just a turkey sandwich.  Boring.  Followed it up with a quick trip to the gym for some work on back and biceps.

I did manage to go through Tyler's clothes.  I cannot believe how fast he goes through them.  There are some things he didn't even ever wear.

Supper was prepared by hubby, hamburgers on the grill.  I had some hint of jalapeno Tostitos and the leftover pineapple.

That's all for now... just pumping and catching up on some DVR.  Hopefully I'll find that cord for tomorrow.

BTW, how annoying is Anna Kournikova on the Biggest Loser?  Right, Erica?!   =)

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Erica said...

She is no Jillian, that is for sure. We will have to start watching together again when VB is done. My early pick is....Tyrone, he is athlete and has Bob.