Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Return of TV!

So excited... tonight is the premier of The Biggest Loser AND Glee!  Get those DVR's ready!

On a not so happy note, little Tyler is still not feeling great.  His fever goes up and down, spiked to more than 104 today for a little bit, but at least he's eating more today and sleeping a little bit.  He just kept crying unless you held him.  A tiny little part of me likes it because he usually doesn't like to just sit still and cuddle.  It's awful to see him so uncomfortable though.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow, looking like he'll be coming with us to work.

This morning when I had a chance, I had a bowl of old fashioned oats with a scoop of almond butter and a dollop of homemade raspberry jam.  PB & J oats!  Made the oats with almond milk.

Lunch was a piece of Ezekial bread toasted, with a wedge of garlic and herb laughing cow cheese and a couple slices of cracked pepper turkey.  I added a side of Doritos.  That was our stress relief today- emotional eating.  Of Doritos.  Sorry no pic.

Made up for it tonight with a healthier supper.  We're playing a little game of "clean out the freezer before we go get groceries".  So I defrosted a bag of tilapia and baked it.  First I dredged them in eggs and then coated them with some dry batter that my parents use every year for their fish fry.  Bake them at 400 degrees until they flake.  For a side I used a bag of frozen green beans, steamed them, added some slivered almonds and then drizzled with roasted garlic grapeseed oil.

We make our own tartar sauce, no specific recipe.  Just dump some Light Miracle Whip, dill relish, dill weed and a splash of lemon juice together and stir it up.

Dinner is done, charts are finished, baby is in bed (for now) and Glee is calling!

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