Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey baby let's go to Vegas

Couple hours 'til Vegas!  Yesterday was a crazy day in the clinic, as to be expected.  I know it's important to take some time off now and then, but I still can't help feeling a little guilty taking a Friday off.  I always think of those people that are hurting and need to get in.

Yesterday was not a good day for picture taking.  Or eating for that matter.

Breakfast was a quick Larabar- carrot cake flavor.  After we dropped Tyler off at daycare I did manage to get a piece of whole wheat toast in with some peanut butter.  I hate not starting my day off without any protein.  No pics since I was super rushed.

Our lunch was whatever we could find in the kitchen.  I didn't have enough spinach for a salad, so I improvised and made a little chicken taco.  It started out as a chicken tostada, as hubby made sure to inform me, since I did not fold it.  Not an ordinary taco, took an Artisan tortilla and spread some roasted red pepper hummus on it.  Sprinkled some spinach leaves on the hummus and topped it with a little leftover grilled chicken.  It was too hard to eat as a "tostada", so I folded it up.

Since I didn't put any cheese on it, I validated the pile of baked Cheetos I added to my plate.  =)

Hubby and Tyler- he's wiped after a busy day at daycare

After work we got on the road and set off to meet my parents to drop off Tyler.  We had to eat quick, so we just stopped at a gas station and got Godfather's mini pizzas.  I had the humble pie, which was sausage, onions, and green peppers.  I only had 3 pieces, gave 1 to hubby.  I almost forgot to take a picture, but managed to remember with one piece left.

We met my parents in Webster City and made the exchange.  Thank goodness he slept through the whole thing or I probably would have been bawling.

I really miss the little guy, it's weird waking up without him.  I know he's in pretty good hands though.  If my parents could handle four kids for how many years, I'm pretty sure one little baby will be no problem.  I'm sure he's getting plenty of hugs and kisses.

So... have a couple hours to get some stuff packed up and ready to go to Vegas.  I've heard it's hot during the day and pretty chilly at night, so that means I have to have a variety of stuff.  Have to rethink my clothing selections or see if I can cram any more clothing items in.

Not sure if I'll get any blogging done, because it'll have to be on my phone.  We'll see, not promising anything.

Hope lady luck is on our side!

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