Monday, September 5, 2011

Project Zucchini Part Two

Three day weekends are nice.  Sorry about no posts last two nights, guess you didn't get lucky.  =)  Don't worry, this will be a long one.

Let's see... I think I last blogged on my way to Davenport.  When we got there we enjoyed a nice lunch at one of our favs, Granite City.

We don't go there too often, so I was bad and got one of my old favorites- half sandwich and cup of soup.  Doesn't sound too bad, right?  French onion was my choice for the soup de jour, covered with a nice piece of cheese.  The sandwich I chose was the Overlake: turkey, bacon and some herb mayonnaise on grilled wheat bread.  Add some waffle fries with Granite dip and a happy girl it did make.

When we got there it was pouring rain outside and they had the air conditioning blasting.  So I thought I needed a little something to warm me up.  Plus it was hard to avoid this when we sat down.

I chose spicy mix, Worcestershire sauce, Absolut Peppar, olives, celery salt rim and pickle.  I somehow ended up with a piece of celery too.

Here's about two days worth of sodium (hence the 3 glasses of water):

After lunch we headed over to a friend's house so hubby and Tyler could hang out while I shopped.  First time I went clothes shopping in a very long time.  I actually scored some pretty good deals, mostly on summer stuff.  You'll have to wait for Vegas pictures to see some of the new outfits. (T minus 10 days!)

Supper was late that night, had some tacos at the friend's house and off to bed.  

Our friends made breakfast Sunday morning: eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy.  Good power food for more shopping!

Only got a couple hours in before it was time to go to the family reunion.  It was such a beautiful day outside, and great to see family.  It was located at a park with a nice trail, so I decided to take a little jog after a lunch of fried chicken and fruit.  And a brownie.  Or two.

We always play a game of softball, which is fun.  Not exactly competitive so sometimes it's a little hard to dial it down and not swing for the fence.

After a very long day, drove home and went to some friends' house because some college friends came into town.  Boy, it sure sounds like we have a lot of friends.

Our friends had grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers, and made some yummy chocolate chip bars.  I enjoyed all of that and a glass of Galena wine.  The wine probably didn't help, because I was already exhausted.  Didn't stay long, but it was great seeing you Heidi and Katie (and Adam)!

That brings us to today.  Thank goodness for 3 day weekends.  Had a great night of sleep and then off to yoga in the park.

It was a little chilly outside, but once we did a couple sun salutations I warmed right up.  We had class under a big bandshell, so I only took a picture of our instructor from our point of view.

When I got back I had nice little bowl of oatmeal with a glob of almond butter and a drizzle of honey.

Got some stuff done around the house and played with Tyler the rest of the morning.  He helped fold towels.  Not really.

I had some left-over whole wheat spaghetti noodles sauteed in garlic oil with parmesan cheese for lunch- again.

This afternoon was devoted to zucchini.  I still had 2 big and 1 little zucchini to use up.  I knew no matter what I wanted to shred it all.  I got out my trusty food processor and chopped it all up.  It made about 7 cups.  I spread it all out on some paper towels to soak up extra liquid.

Since I had some old bran cereal on the shelf, I decided to make zucchini bran muffins.  I put the other 3 cups in a freezer bag to use up at a later date.

I pretty much just googled zucchini bran muffins, and this is the recipe I decided on.  I had to make a couple changes because I didn't have some of the stuff.  Oh, and I made the double batch.

  1. I used ground ginger instead of grated.
  2. I didn't have a lemon, so I used 1 T of lemon juice concentrate (that was all that was left in my bottle).
  3. I used 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar.
  4. No raisins for me.  Didn't feel like adding them today.
  5. I used 1 cup of canola oil instead of olive oil, because I didn't have extra light olive oil. 
  6. I used extra cinnamon because I like extra cinnamon.
So yeah, just a couple changes.  I used All-Bran, which are bran buds.  I haven't ever made muffins with those before, so it turned out quite interesting.

Here are the dry ingredients, looking a little like kitty litter.  

Here they are mixed with the liquids.  

Usually when you use bran cereal you have to soak it in a liquid (water or milk) to make it mushy.  The recipe doesn't say anything about that, so I didn't, figuring the wet ingredients would be enough to soup it up. 

Well it wasn't.  I let it sit for about 15 minutes and not a lot of change.  I made them anyways, without adding anymore liquid.  They turned out ok, but some of the bran buds on top were crunchy.  I actually liked that part, because I like crunchy things.  If you make them you'll want to soak the bran buds first with a little liquid.

And the quantity is definitely wrong.  I was prepared for 24 muffins, but I ended up making 24 regular size muffins and a whole pan of mini muffins.  

Had to sample some!

Since this post is getting a little lengthy, I think I'll save my next recipe for tomorrow.  Here's a preview, hubby grilled some bbq chicken drummies and I made quinoa stuffed peppers.  Pretty easy but time consuming.


Heading to bed early again, gotta fend off this sore throat and yuckiness that I've been feeling last 2 days.  Think the little guy is feeling it too, he's coughing a little and very snotty.  But still happy.  =)

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