Friday, September 2, 2011


Going back over last night's blog, I realized that when I was talking about the wheat kernel and the Ezekial bread, I should have clarified a little more.  When the whole kernel is ground up and used to make bread (or whatever baked good), it is called a whole grain or whole wheat flour.  You can find many loaves of bread out there that contain the whole grain, just check the ingredient list.  If the first ingredient says "whole wheat" or "whole grain" it's probably a good bet- just as long as high fructose corn syrup isn't the very next ingredient. And the word "enriched" shouldn't be found in the list.

I checked my spaghetti and this brand was a whole wheat pasta, so no enriched grains.

Ezekial bread is a whole grain bread but it is made from sprouted grains, which means they allow the kernel to sprout then grind it up to use in the bread.  So it's still a whole grain, but when it is sprouted, the kernel releases enzymes that help digest the wheat before it even enters the body.  It also contains more protein and more available vitamins and minerals.  The texture of the bread is a little different, it's more dense and flavorful.

So I hope that makes sense.  As long as you are reading the label and eating whole grain or whole wheat, you're good.  Sprouted bread is just a little step up- it's also more expensive.  Stay away from white bread!


If you can't feed birds white bread, why should you feed it to your kids??

Oh, and if you're gluten sensitive or have celiac's... just ignore everything I'm talking about- you can't have any  of it.

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