Friday, October 7, 2011

Turkey burgers with a surprise

I would have posted last night but I fell asleep.

I did make it to yoga yesterday, felt great.  Saw a couple patients yesterday and made it over to the senior health fair to market for the office.  We had to bring Tyler, which was fine because he did great.  Lots of smiles.  Also, lots of pee.  I didn't really notice that he had peed through his diaper and then right onto my shirt.  I just kept holding him there to cover it up.

This was at the end... after he peed on me

After we got home, I finally made a recipe I had been waiting to try.  Everyone keeps talking about goat cheese, and my bff Jessie said she loved it, so I had to try it (this is the girl that doesn't like ketchup or mayonnaise).  I saw this recipe awhile ago on Iowa Girl Eats and had to try it.

I used 93% ground turkey instead, and it was pretty mushy.  Goat cheese from Fareway- they had some!

I ran into a little problem with the apricot preserves- I forgot to get some.  I was this close to using baby food (peaches), but I saw that I had a couple dried apricots left.  I chopped them up super fine and threw them in a pan with some water, trying to reconstitute them then added them to the rest of the ingredients for the glaze.  It kind of worked.

So instead of listing the recipe out, you'll have to just head over to IGE's website to read up.  I made cut-up potato and sweet potato for a side, using the Cookie's seasoning again (see my recipe for oven fries).

I thought it was all pretty tasty.  Hubby thought it was ok, he wasn't a fan of the cheese.  Liked the flavor on the turkey burger though.

I was so exhausted for some reason after dinner that I didn't make it to the volleyball game.  Heard they won in 3, good job girls.  I'll for sure hit up the district game.

Gotta run, only me in the office today, hubby is golfing all day!

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