Thursday, October 20, 2011


So after I posted this morning, I drove over to Dyersville to hit up an outlet store that sells a bunch of The First Years brand items.  I found a pretty sweet car seat for Tyler that was way marked down.  It's similar to this, but different colors and much cheaper.  Yay!  He should be riding pretty comfortable, and he's even got a cupholder for all his beverages.

While in Dyersville I picked up some Quiznos.  The hubby and I like love Quiznos.  I could pretty much eat anything.  I got the Harvest Chicken salad- my favorite salad.  I also sneaked a bite or two of one of hubby's chipolte turkey Sammies.

We had a fun afternoon of playing with Tyler, and got to witness another first.  He pulled himself up to standing today.  We'll work on it time to time but he hasn't even come close, then all of a sudden today he was just sitting by a clothes hamper and just pulled himself right up.  Hubby and I were both on the floor playing with him and watching him, and I think we both got a little choked up when he did it.  He's growing up so fast, pretty soon all these little firsts will be everyday occurrences.

After some fun playtime, I headed to exercise class.  Not too big of a crowd, but Thursdays are never too busy.  Nice simple workout, not as much leg stuff as Tuesday.

Since I didn't get home until after 6:30 and didn't get out of the shower until about 6:50, I was not able to see my movie.  No biggie, I'll just rent it or buy it when it is released.  I had a lot to do tonight anyways.

Supper tonight was "clean out all the leftovers" night.  This was one pretty random meal.

I combined some roasted butternut squash, green beans, whole wheat rotini pasta and some minced garlic in  a fry pan with some olive oil.  I added some goat cheese after it got nice and crispy, then put it on a bed of spinach with some pine nuts sprinkled on top.  Yeah, random.  It was good though.  I also had a whole wheat English muffin with a little bit of peanut butter.  Oh, and another small bowl of frozen yogurt with chocolate.  Couldn't resist.  =)

Busy busy day tomorrow.  Not sure about my blogging capabilities as we have a pretty crazy weekend planned.  I'll fill you in soon!  

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