Monday, October 17, 2011

Hi all

Guess I got a little behind and missed my Sunday night post.  We are just having so much fun playing with Tyler! He's getting so much fun, it's awesome to watch him learn and process things in his head.

I had such a long list of things to do yesterday, and what do you know, only did a couple of them.  I'm thinking that's just the life of a mom... those lists just never go away.

I did make some carrot cake pancakes for the hubby for breakfast since he missed out on them last weekend.  This time I grated the carrots, and that seemed to work better.  So good!

For lunch I finished off some leftovers- blue corn tortilla nachos with the leftover taco meat (just used shredded colby jack).

We had a little photo shoot yesterday because was 7 months old.  He was pretty happy.

For supper I had a little something brewing in the crockpot.  Sometime early afternoon, I threw 3 chicken hindquarters in the crockpot and made some slow cooker honey garlic chicken.  I bought the hindquarters because they were only $0.89 a pound.  It was kind of a pain to take all the skin and fat off, but I did it.  Well worth it.  I really should have gotten more than 3 pieces too.  Oh well, lesson learned.

I adapted the recipe due to what I had on hand and here's what I did:

Honey Garlic Chicken

3 chicken hindquarters
1 T olive oil
1/2 c honey
1/2 c soy sauce
3 T ketchup
1 T minced garlic

Take the skin and fat off the hindquarters and brown in olive oil in skillet for a couple minutes on each side.  Place in crockpot.  Mix up the remaining ingredients and pour over chicken.  Cook on low for 4 hours.

Minus one hindquarter that the hubby ate

The flavor was awesome, pretty much like teriyaki chicken.  I didn't add the ginger like the original recipe, nor did I add the pineapple.  I think next time I'll try it with chicken breasts and stick to the original recipe.  The hindquarters were ok, just not fun to clean and didn't really yield much meat.

I accompanied the chicken with some roasted butternut squash.  I was going to take a bunch of pictures and show you how to cut a squash, but you can just look here instead.

You probably know about my love of sweet potatoes if you've been reading this for a week or so.  Butternut squash is a good alternative to sweet potatoes if you're watching calories.  You'll still get the mega doses of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, but much less calories.  Still love the sweet potatoes though.

I chopped up a squash and placed it on a foil-lined pan and placed in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes.  I drizzled a little olive oil on top and sprinkled some sea salt and ground pepper on top.  I might have cooked them a little longer, not sure, because I know I like it when they get a little crispy.

Dessert was some left-over apple crisp.

Today I started my day with some strawberry Chobani with a little Cascadian Farms granola and chia seeds.  That kept me going all morning until I had a super salad for lunch.

This salad was awesome, I saw a picture on Pinterest that inspired it, but didn't pin it because I didn't have a mouse yet.  Oh yeah, update: I have a USB mouse now, which is awesome.  And I waste way too much time on Pinterest, not awesome.

So back to my salad, because the picture doesn't do it justice.  It had spinach, pear, green grapes, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, left-over chicken, toasted walnuts and feta cheese- all with the last of my Newman's Poppyseed dressing.  And making it took less than 10 minutes.  Yum.

For supper we were exhausted.  Hubby had some extra lean ground beef browned up by the time I got home, so we improvised.  Homemade hamburger helper.  Boiled up some water for some whole wheat rotini noodles- while that was happening we added some cream of mushroom soup and 4 ounces of low fat Velveeta.  We weren't going for health, just speed.  Add in a side of green beans and bam, dinner served.

I know, it looks like puke but it was good.

And I'm off to work on charts.  Or maybe check out Pinterest.  = )

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