Friday, October 14, 2011

I love sweet potatoes

I am definitely digging fall.  Anything orange basically.  If it's pumpkin or sweet potato themed, then gimme.

Yesterday's lunch was a huge baked sweet potato.  That's pretty much it.  I had a little bit of smoked pork shoulder but the sweet potato was the main part of the meal.  I like it with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top.

I finished up a bunch of clinic work that I had procrastinating on, then we headed out to Bailey's Ford for picture time!  A friend of ours took some pictures for us for our Christmas card and for Tyler's 6 month pics (even though he's almost 7 months).  I hope she got some good ones, it wasn't exactly Tyler's smiley time of day.  He's so unpredictable in the mornings with his naps, so we scheduled the pics for the afternoon.  He tried to eat a lot of dirt and leaves... wondered if she captured that??

Then I rushed back into town to teach aerobics, which went pretty well, not as big of a turnout but I realize there's a lot going on these days.  It just feels so good to get moving and work the abs again.

Last night I ran to the grocery store after class and picked up some goodies, but ended up making spaghetti for supper.  Used whole wheat noodles, low sugar sauce and extra lean ground beef.  I added a piece of toasted Ezekial bread with garlic powder on the side.  Of course we had to add some Parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper on top.

minus a couple bites of toast

Today's breakfast was a repeat of yesterday's with some sliced almonds added in: vanilla Chobani with granola, frozen blueberries and chia seeds- no pic.

Lunch was a taco salad: spinach, black beans, taco meat, taco cheese, hot salsa and some crushed blue corn tortilla chips.

We had a very busy afternoon in the clinic (I'm working on the blog instead of the huge pile of notes that's sitting on the table), and I am beat.  Tyler must have been pretty tired too, he fell asleep about 15 minutes after we got home.  Daycare just wipes him out.

Tonight hubby made up some steaks in the cast iron skillet, I steamed some broccoli and we each had a baked potato.  Mine was a sweet potato of course.  I had half a steak with a little makeshift sauce on top.  Trying to copy my awesome sauce a couple weeks ago, I threw a tiny piece of butter in the cast iron after the steaks were done, then added some beef broth and red wine and let it simmer.

Couldn't finish all the broccoli, had to share some

I know it seems like we eat a lot of steak, but it's mostly in the summer and fall, and only about two or three times a month.  We hardly ever go out to eat, so that's our treat to ourselves.  Much cheaper and much tastier if you ask me.  I think I've only ever ordered a steak at a restaurant twice.

I'm really hoping to make something pumpkin-based this weekend.  My only goals for this weekend are food-based.  Is that sad or what.  Oh, I guess I am planning on making it to the gym one or two times, and maybe  a movie.

Hope you have an exciting weekend planned... stay tuned for some new recipes this weekend!!

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