Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleep! yay!

I guess Tyler is back to normal, because he has slept all through the night two nights in a row.  Yippie!!!!  That helps a lot when you feel like crap and need sleep to get better.  I'm feeling much much better and had a great day today.

First off, a quick review of yesterday.  I apologize ahead of time for the horrible pictures, all are taken by obviously using a flash.  For some reason it was dark out every time I went to take a picture.  Probably because breakfast is at 6 in the morning and supper is at 7:30 or 8 at night.  It was kind of cloudy out for lunch as well.

Breakfast was vanilla Chobani with frozen blueberries, Cascadian Farms Organic Granola, and chia seeds.

Lunch is a hardshell taco and a homemade double decker taco.  Hubby loves these so I thought I'd try one.  I put just a tiny smear of refried beans on a softshell tortilla (usually refried beans make me wanna barf 'cause they look like barf) and folded it around a hardshell taco shell.  Fill it up with taco meat, cheese, spinach and plain Greek yogurt.  Not too shabby.  Someday we're going to try to make our own refried beans, with black beans.  Anyone got a recipe?

Supper was fajitas.  Which are completely different than tacos, thank you very much.  Fareway makes this super easy fajita mix that you just plop in the pan and cook up.  It's cut-up chicken breast, peppers and onions with fajita seasoning.  It's actually way cheaper than buying all the stuff and making them yourself, because the mix has all kinds of peppers in it- green, red, orange and yellow.  Top with a little cheese and plain Greek yogurt.  Oh, and add a margarita on the side like we did.  =)

On to today.  Since Hubby did the grocery shopping this week (which helped me out a ton), we have an abundance of tubed bread products to use up.  So for breakfast we had some scrambled eggs and some Grand's biscuits.  If it counts at all they were the reduced fat Golden Wheat ones.

This morning was so fun.  Tyler was in such a crazy mood.  Hubby built him a little couch fort and he loved playing in it.

Flash went off, hence the dopey smile

He then fell asleep in it.

He's getting to be so adventurous, pulling himself up on to things and reaching for stuff.  Everything has to be moved to the center of the coffee table.  We're going to fix that this weekend by looking for a new coffee table- we've got something special in mind.  I'll take pics when we get it.

I actually accomplished a lot of stuff today, but won't bore you with all of it.  I did manage to go to the library and get a library card.  Only took me 3+ years to do that, and the library is pretty much across the street.  It's just a small library, so most of the books are pretty old, but I managed to find Water For Elephants.  Heard it's good, so I'll see how it goes.

I actually got to work out at my workout class tonight so that was nice.

Supper tonight was a clean-out-the-freezer night.  Had some old pork chops in the freezer than needed to be used up, so Hubby seasoned with salt and pepper and then cooked them in a cast-iron skillet.  I steamed an old package of brussel sprouts and then roasted them.  Hubby also made use of another tubed bread and made some pepperoni pinwheels.  Basically pepperoni and mozzarella cheese rolled up in crescent roll dough.  Those were our appetizer.  He's been craving those for a long time now.

Finishing up the night by watching the World Series.  Hubby just told me a story about a woman in Texas, how it was her last wish (she was on her deathbed) for the Rangers to win the World Series.  And she died last night.  Stupid rain delay!!  Poor lady.  Guess that makes me want to root for the Rangers just a little bit.

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