Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poor little buddy

I'm writing this as Tyler is crying like a little baby, with Daddy trying to comfort him.  He's had a rough couple nights, think he might be getting some teeth in already.  You can see them about to come through on the bottom and he's a drooling machine.

On a happier note West Delaware won the regional final and is off to state!  Props to my girl Teri and her Decorah Vikings, if it weren't for their first inning they might have pulled it off.

Call me a slacker this week... I didn't get any workouts in yesterday.  I was going to get up early and run but with Tyler getting up in the middle of the night every night this week, not getting much for sleep.  Today I did make it to the track and did a 2 mile run then did just a little sprint work.  I read a good interview today, don't ask me who it was or what magazine it was in because I already forgot, but this woman who had lost a bunch of weight said that she doesn't beat herself up when she misses workouts because she strives to be more active overall.  So on a day she didn't get a workout in, she would walk the dog, clean house, etc. instead of lying around.  I thought that was a good outlook.

Now for the meals.  Doing this blog has made me realize how awful I am at taking pictures.  I am lacking in both quantity and quality.  Hopefully this will make me better- I always forget.

Yesterday- breakfast was some delicious lemon Chobani with fresh blueberries and raspberries and a sprinkling of chia seeds (don't know what they are?

Lunch was the exact same sandwich as yesterday, except I only used one piece of bread. This is what I usually do, just have an open-faced sandwich.  Think I had a handful of my jalapeno chips again.  Just so good!

Supper was a li'l guy burrito from Pablo's in Cedar Falls. This is where I'm bad... forgot to take a picture.  It was a pretty good burrito- much like Chipotle but obviously nothing can compare to Chipotle.  I thought I made a somewhat reasonable choice, didn't get the regular sized one and didn't add any sour cream or guac.  Not so reasonable, however, was the idea to stop at Cold Stone Creamery after the game.  I did show a little restraint, instead of getting the oatmeal cookie dough that I love, I got the pink lemonade sorbet and added some pineapple.  "Summer in a cup".  The employee's words, not mine, but it pretty much was.  Oh, and that would be in a "love it" size.  It's only 40 cents more, how can you resist?!?!

Now today.  Breakfast was another energy bar from Hy-Vee with some bing cherries.  Somewhere in between breakfast and lunch I polished off the rest of the digestive health mix from planters.  Like I said, I won't post every single thing I eat, just worth noting that I polished off a whole can of nuts and stuff in a couple days.

Lunch was a tasty spinach salad with the same sesame ginger dressing (and blueberries/mandarin oranges/feta/almonds).  I just love that stuff.  I blame McDonalds.  They have an Asian salad out now that is phenomenal (can't believe I'm saying that about Mickey D's), and this is the dressing that comes with it.  One tablespoon is only 35 calories I believe.  I hardly ever put more than two on.

On to supper.  Used up the last of my smart chicken (no antibiotics/hormones/water added) to make some chicky chicky parm parm (Parks and Rec reference- chicken parmesan in the words of Tom Haverford) at the request of the hubby.  Cut up the chicken, breaded it with Panko crumbs, and pan-fried in a little olive oil.  Used some whole wheat spaghetti and some low sugar spaghetti sauce.  Probably a big much but we both had good workouts today.  Dessert was a little cup of leftover strawberry banana smoothie that I threw in the freezer the other day.  

That's all for tonight... better attend to my crabby baby.

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