Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it bad for a baby to drink pee?

I'm not usually a big fan of Mondays.  We are usually pretty busy in the office though, which helps the day go by faster.  My one goal today was to get in some Jillian Michaels but that was not in the cards.  Tyler slept til 7 so I took the extra sleep.  Then after work we were either gonna go to the parade for the county fair or the district softball game (plans changed- as described below).  So no Shreddin' today, just means I'll have to double up workouts tomorrow which is fine.  Swimming is the only thing on the agenda tomorrow.  

Breakfast was a Hy-Vee energy bar made in their bakery with wheat germ, flax, peanut butter, almonds, dried cranberries and some honey.  Pretty filling.  Also included a small glass of the V8 fusion.  

Lunch was an AWESOME salad.  Leftover chicken from last night, spinach and a couple hunks of iceberg for more crunch, blueberries, mandarin oranges, slivered almonds, feta cheese and some Newman's sesame ginger dressing.  yum yum

And supper was bbq chicken lettuce wraps.  Cut up chicken with some frozen corn, cooked in the cast iron with some Sweet Baby Ray's added when done.  Pop it in an iceberg lettuce piece and top with chopped up carrots and green onions.  Messy but good.  Dessert was quite a few bing cherries.... and 2 Nutter Butters.  Have to get rid of them somehow!!

By the way we never did make it to the parade or the game.  We got in the car to go to the game but the parade was blocking all routes to the softball field, so we just gave up after hearing it was already 3-0 bottom of the 2nd on the radio.  Good thing too, because when we got home, Tyler made a little mess in his diaper.  Then when I took it off he decided to make a little more mess, BEFORE I could get the other diaper on.  And then while cleaning up the gross runny poop, he peed, and pee got all over his face and probably in his eyes and mouth.  Hopefully it's ok because then he puked all over.  Then he took a bath.  Aren't babies the greatest?!

I spared you a picture of that fun little episode and instead took one of the bbq lettuce wraps.  G'night!

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