Sunday, July 24, 2011

Craigslist bargain hunter

This morning I made a list that had 4 things on it to get done.  I only got one done, but it was a still a somewhat productive day.  

I was up from 12 to 3:45 with Tyler but hubby took the rest of the night so I actually got a little sleep!  It felt great.  Woke up and got to eat my first attempt at making overnight oats.  This recipe is all over a couple blogs I read, and it always looked delicious.  So I tried it.  Here is the recipe I used from My Journey to a Healthy Berg, except I used a small scoop of real peanut butter.  I added dried cherries and slivered almonds on mine this morning.  You put together oats, protein powder, milk, and cocoa powder in a bowl, cover it up and eat it the next morning.  It's supposed to taste like a no-bake cookie, but I had to use hubby's gross protein powder.  It wasn't bad.

Didn't really feel too hungry for lunch, so I just had the left-over quinoa and black beans as well as one of these:

I did make it out today for a long bike ride followed by a run (that was the one thing on my list I accomplished).  It was really hard to run because it got pretty hot out, but I powered through and it felt awesome.  

Self portrait before the killer workout

Sweaty aftershot- doesn't accurately show off how gross I was

My workout partner Cheri- she generously allowed me to post a sweaty pic

After showering up, I found out that a desk I had found on craigslist was available, but whoever could pick it up first got it.  So we headed down to Center Point to get a sweet desk for only $45! Pics will come later.  

We also stopped at Hy-Vee in Hiawatha to get some groceries (organic spinach! Larabars! smart chicken! and much more-sorry no pic).  We ate some Chinese while we were there, I had the beef with broccoli, steamed rice, chicken egg roll and crab rangoon.  It was ok, didn't eat all my rice or egg roll.  Hubby did not like his.  Should've gone to Quiznos.

I was going to write more today, but I'm pretty beat, so it will have to wait.  Look for a WOTW tomorrow- workout of the week!

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