Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another hot and humid day

Good day to stay completely indoors today, as the humidity was crazy.  However we did not.  Got another complete night of sleep (yay!) and had a bowl of raspberry Chobani with 2 small cut-up peaches, and a sprinkle of coconut and chia seeds.

De-lish.  After that I packed up Tyler and headed to the massage therapist. I've been having some elbow problems that come about once a year (during slow pitch season) that needed to get worked out. Her girls watched Tyler while I was getting worked on, and I'm pretty sure they put a tutu on him. And took pictures. Can't wait to get ahold of those for future blackmailing!

After that we headed in for his 4 month check-up, even though he's 4 1/2 thank you very much.  :)  He's a growing boy! 16 pounds and 27 1/2 inches. Guess all that pumping is worth it. The ARNP said he's pretty advanced and it's time to baby-proof the house since he'll be crawling soon. If you saw our place, you'd know it was pretty far from baby-proofed, unless that means having plenty of cords around for him to chew on and plenty of exposed outlets that don't even have the plate on. Maybe we'll just build a big cage for him to play in.  

Lunch was a salad, surprise surprise. We had a little left-over salmon so I thought I'd throw that on for protein.  I wasn't sure how it would taste but it was pretty darn good. Didn't hurt that I added blueberries, feta, and toasted walnuts.  And of course sesame ginger dressing.

I worked in the clinic this afternoon, and after finishing up I headed out for a run with Cheri.  It was so humid out it was hard to breathe.  Very thick air.  We did about 3.3 miles though, and 0.5 miles of that were intervals.  Good idea for those of you stuck in a rut: instead of doing just the same ol' cardio every day or every other day, change it up and add some sprints in.  Or not necessarily sprints, just pick up the pace for awhile then recover.  I like doing these workouts at the track but the track was busy tonight.  I'll run a 1 or 1 1/2 mile warmup, then run 1 mile of sprinting the straight-aways and jogging (or walking depending on the day) the curves.  Then always add a little cool-down.  Great challenge for the body, and you'll see results faster!

Here's me after the run- very disgusting. 

Supper was 2 huge glasses of water, an open-faced sandwich of turkey, roast beef, sharp cheddar and spinach on Ezekial bread and some yummy jalapeno chips on the side.  They have these in the gluten-free section at Fareway and they are soooooo good.  I'm pretty sure I could eat the whole bag in one sitting, but I might end up burning a hole through my mouth because they are a little spicy.  

That's all for today... swimming at 6 tomorrow morning.... what are you doing for exercise tomorrow???

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