Monday, July 25, 2011

I love my little baby.

So many reasons why I love my little guy, but I especially love the way he slept through the night last night. He finally got rid of his head cold/allergies. We all really needed that extra sleep- great way to start off the week!

Breakfast was vanilla Chobani with blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds and a little All-Bran cereal. Stay tuned for some bran-banana muffins this week.

Can't even see the yogurt!

Lunch was a grilled roast beef and sharp cheddar sandwich. We got some awesome roast beef from Hy-Vee yesterday, so I made a sandwich with Ezekial bread, sharp cheddar and the roast beef, smeared some yogurt spread on the outside and grilled it up. Then you add spinach and some mustard.  Yummy!  For a side I had the leftover grilled veggies from the other night.  

Tonight we had a softball game, so didn't eat until late but did have another awesome salad- sorry no pic, you can only see so many salads. Salad was spinach, strawberries, chicken, feta, walnuts and some of my fav Newman's sesame ginger. Also had a couple bites of hubby's steak.  

So being a new mom, can I just say it's the coolest thing in the world?? I think this every day, but for some reason today, it just melted my heart to see his little smile. You could be having the crappiest day ever, but then you come home and his face just breaks out into this enormous smile just because you're there. That unconditional love is just like nothing else. I always figured I'd have kids, I had no idea how much it would change my life.  Now this little guy is the center of my universe and I'd do anything for him.  So much fun!

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