Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yay for more sleep!

It's been awhile.  For some reason I didn't feel like posting yesterday.  Or Friday.  Probably because I was exhausted.  We had one of our busiest days ever on Friday, and then had our busiest Saturday to-date.  I had a huge pile of notes to catch up on and plus Hubby had a friend in from out of town so he entertained his friend while I entertained Tyler.

Hubby cooked up some steaks for us on Friday night, and made me a baked sweet potato.  A huge one- I only had half.  And I only had about 1/3 of a steak.

For breakfast on Saturday, I didn't have much time so I grabbed a couple pieces of banana bread and some black cherry Chobani.

Oh, I forgot to mention I made banana bread on Thursday.  Here's the only picture I took.


I don't really have a recipe for you, since I combined about 3 different ones to make them.  The inspiration was this recipe, that I made for a friend a while back.  The only thing I kept was the cinnamon and sugar layer in the middle and sprinkled on top.  I used one of my healthy banana bread recipes for the bread part- using whole wheat flour, flax, applesauce, MUCH less sugar, etc.  I'll save that recipe for another day.

After our crazy morning, Hubby went to get some Chinese for lunch while I went to pick up Tyler.  I enjoyed some cashew chicken, no picture.

I think all of us took a nap on Saturday.  We were all super exhausted.  That night I treated Hubby with one of his favorites: lasagna.  He was kind enough to buy me all the ingredients when he went grocery shopping the other day, so I gave in.  I love lasagna, but it just takes some time to make.  I even get the noodles you don't have to cook, and it still takes some time.

I really wasn't in the picture taking mood this weekend, so I just have a picture of the final product, grease pools and all.

I used whole wheat lasagna noodles, 1 1/2 lb extra lean ground beef, a handful of frozen green pepper pieces, 2 cans of Prego traditional sauce (perked up with my own seasonings), and 2 cups cottage cheese instead of ricotta for the cheese layer (along with 2 cups mozzarella cheese, 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, 2 eggs and parsley).  Layer it up, top with more cheese, and bake for 45 minutes in 350 degree oven.  I covered it with foil the first 45 minutes, then baked for 10 more minutes without foil.  Better watch portion sizes on this one!

I have been craving pumpkin stuff lately, frozen pumpkin desserts to be specific.  I really wanted to just get a pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ, but I figured I'd experiment at home since I have too much pumpkin in my pantry.  So I mixed a can of pumpkin, half a container of lite Cool Whip (that stuff is horrible for you, but it was somehow hanging out in our freezer), 4 oz of lite cream cheese, 1 T of sugar and a bunch of pumpkin pie spice.  I just tasted as I went, so I have no idea how much I dumped in.  I like a lot of spice.

Anyway, I mixed everything together and poured in a small glass dish, then crushed some graham crackers on top.  It went in the freezer and here is the final product:

I like it.  When it's frozen its really crunchy, which I prefer over creamy.  It just takes awhile to thaw out so you can actually scrape some out.

I spent the rest of the night finishing up this:

Good book, got really exciting at the end.  I'll spare you the overview, just go here.  The book was kind of tough at times because of all the circus lingo and the minute details of the circus life, things I really didn't care about.  Overall story is good though- kind of reminded me of The Notebook in the way that they travel back and forth between the older character and his younger self.  I'll definitely try to watch the movie though, and not just because of Edward Robert Pattinson, although that helps.

So after that extra hour of sleep (which I needed since I stayed up to finish reading), I woke up and made some pancakes for Hubby and me.  That's his new thing, pancakes on Sunday mornings.  At least this time I didn't have to make them by scratch.  I used some HeartSmart Bisquick mix.

I made him this, by request:

photo taken by Hubby himself

And I threw a bunch of blueberries in mine:

Leftover lasagna was lunch, then it was off to the clinic for some work.  Actually ended up seeing two emergency patients today too.

Since we had an indulgent weekend of food, we kept it simple for supper and had some popcorn, made in our Presto Popper.  Perfect.

Tonight will be interesting, with the time change.  Hope this little guy handles it well.  He's been all over the place lately!


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