Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sick kid again

Ugh, I'm behind on my posts again.  This time its because of a sick kid.  Wednesday we had to pick Tyler up from daycare in the morning because of a fever and lots of congestion in his lungs, pretty croup-y sounding.  He's been pretty grumpy and not eating or sleeping well the last two days, so most of my time has been in the recliner holding him.

Since I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and no nap today, and it's already 11, think I'm just going to post some pics to show you the highlights of the last couple days worth of food.  Workout-wise we had a pretty good workout on Tuesday night- my calves were killing me on Wednesday.

Chicken parmesan using panko crumbs- there's a tiny bit of whole wheat spaghetti noodles under there

Chicken wrap on spinach tortilla- cheese, chicken, black beans, salsa , plain Greek yogurt, spinach

Vanilla yogurt with blueberries, granola and chia seeds

Quesadilla  (pretty much the same as the wrap) and a sick baby with a bib to catch the  gallons of drool

My mom (Grandma) came over tonight to watch Tyler tomorrow so that we don't miss any work again.  That's the crappy part about owning your own business- no sick days or personal days.  You don't show up, you don't make money, and in our case, you neglect patients and they don't get the care they need.  

We'll see when the next post goes up, hopefully when the baby is better!  

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