Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm back again

Sorry I always leave for a couple days without telling.  This weekend was a quick trip to the farm to see some family.  We took off Friday night after work so Tyler could sleep the whole way, then came back tonight.  It was a great weekend... I laid around, played with Tyler and ate lots of food.  How can you go wrong?

Today we celebrated my Grandpa Rodney's birthday.  It was great to see him and my Grandma Janet, as I haven't seen them since July.  Sometimes it's hard to live so far away from my parents and grandparents, but at least they are still within a day's drive.  I also got to see my cousin Charlie, who is getting to be very busy little boy!

Total sidebar here, I forgot to post this on Thursday... here's the view from our back door on Wednesday:

I thought for sure we were going to have a slow day in the office that day but it was pretty crazy, as was Friday.

Since we were pressed for time and didn't have much food, we left our lunch up to the Subway sandwich artists.

I really switched it up and got a Subway club on Italian herb and cheese bread.  I always get wheat bread, but felt like mixing it up.  It tasted good, but then I remembered why I get the wheat bread.  I got super hungry a couple hours later because the white bread spikes my blood sugar through the roof.

Had to wait all the way until Waterloo to eat some Culver's.  Yeah, that's right, be prepared for a NOT-so-healthy eating weekend.  Traveling always gets the best of us.

I had a delicious single Butter Burger with fries.  Fries were just ok, didn't eat all of them because they needed ketchup and we didn't get any.  We also shared a delicious pumpkin pie shake.  I'd put it as better than DQ's pumpkin pie blizzard but not as good as Coldstone's pumpkin ice cream with graham cracker crumbs.

In the morning, my mom (now known as Grandma) made us some lemon poppyseed blueberry pancakes and sausage.  No picture, sorry.  Also no picture of my pulled pork sandwich for lunch.

We pretty much played with Tyler all day, which was fun.  Supper was picture-worthy, and not just because I had some of this:

Grandma made some beef stew, which tasted great with a side of beer bread.

I like how the flash adds a nice greasy sheen to the stew

Couple hours later after a couple cocktails we all snacked on some freshly made popcorn by Grandpa (my dad).

Today I went over to visit my friend Bridget and her little man Nash, who is already going to be one this month!!  I can't believe how fast time flies...

We had a small breakfast of eggs and hash browns after that and then headed in to town for the birthday meal.  Had some hamburgers, potato salad, broccoli salad, and a most delicious dessert by Aunt Pat and some yummy bars from Aunt Paula.  I probably should have just ran home to burn off all the calories today.

And of course, where do we stop for dinner?  Hy-Vee for Chinese food.  Well, we actually stopped there to buy some groceries, but couldn't resist the pork and pineapple.  Could have been a little spicier.

If you look closely you can see a couple carrots in there!

Don't worry, we got some healthy things at the store to make up for the poor decisions.  =)

While at home this weekend, I found out I have a couple people that read my blog (and so what if they're all family members)!  I also found out that they have tried to post comments on here but it doesn't work.  I've heard that before, so I think this week I'm going to work on that, and possibly switch over to a new blogging program, so bear with me.  I'd really like to have some interaction on here, so that bothers me that people can't comment.

I believe that is all for now... got the little man in bed and now it's time for this mama to wind down.  I totally forgot that I had bought a new book to read a couple weeks ago so I'm going to start on that tonight.  Fill you in when I'm done!

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