Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I suppose it had to happen at some point.  Forecast is calling for some snow tomorrow.  Boo.  I'm already sad about the shorter days, how it gets dark at 5 o'clock.

On the brighter side, I guess it's getting close to crockpot season!

If you haven't already noticed, I've kind of been cutting down on blog posts.  I think it fits my schedule much better to not blog every single night.  I have so much stuff to get done then I feel guilty about not posting.  I don't like that feeling, because I don't want this blog to become a chore.  So my new goal is 4 times a week.  Plus you're probably getting bored of seeing the same meals over and over!

Speaking of meals, I really don't have anything exciting for you.

Some vanilla Chobani with blueberries, granola and Chia seeds both Monday and today:

Leftover spicy pork with queso fresco and spinach on flour tortillas yesterday:

I've only had queso fresco once at a friend's house, and it was pretty good.  They had some at Walmart so I grabbed some.  It doesn't really have too much flavor- pretty mild.

Today was just a sandwich of ham and Swiss cheese on a Sandwich Thin.  Less calories! Had some kettle bbq chips on the side.  Today's lunch was super quick because we had a fussy baby and a webinar over the lunch hour.

I really don't know what was up with Tyler today.  I think he's teething, again.  Super fussy and nothing would calm him down.  I finally had him chew on a frozen washcloth, that helped a little.  Then tonight after we rocked and read some books, he was just his normal playful, crazy little self.  He just fell asleep on the coach laying next to his daddy.

Oh, and supper tonight was leftover lasagna, last night was taco salad.  Boring.

So I went to the library today to look for a new book today, and didn't really find anything too exciting.  They don't exactly have tons of new releases.  I'll check out Amazon, but until then, does anyone have any suggestions for a good book to read?

What's your latest favorite novel?

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