Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 days' worth of meals

I was thinking I would have plenty of time to blog last night but I ended up working on a big pile of notes.  We had been a little slow in the clinic the last couple days, up until yesterday.  My legs were exhausted after yesterday.  That combined with my workout on Tuesday made for some R & R last night.

Didn't get done until later so didn't make it to Oelwein to see West Delaware girls play in the regional finals for volleyball.  They lost in 3- such a bummer.  I know a couple of the seniors and really wanted them to make it to state.

Let's see... yesterday's breakfast was a bowl of Chobani with granola and frozen blueberries.

"Gross!  Healthy stuff? No way mom"

"I'm outta here"

Lunch was a wrap- spinach tortilla with bbq pork, shredded Swiss cheese and spinach.

Last night's supper was pretty tasty, even though we didn't end up eating until about 8:30.  We had a honey mustard pork loin that needed to get out of our freezer, so we had that along with steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries.  I cut up some regular potatoes for the hubby, since he's not as fond of sweet potatoes as I am.  I tried shaking the sweet potatoes with cornstarch before baking, to see if I could crisp them up a bit more.  It kind of worked.  They were still delicious, even if a bit flimsy.

After an early morning conference call today I decided to have a breakfast that required more than 2 minutes prep.  It took about 4 minutes to make an egg sandwich.  Toasted sandwich thin with an egg, shredded Swiss and some "Natural" honey ham from Hormel (supposed to have no preservatives/yucky stuff) that I warmed up in the skillet.

Lunch was leftovers and supper was a taco salad, but I'm sick of taking pictures of taco salads.

I was cleaning off the junk dining room table and found printouts of my workout plan I had started awhile back.  Forgot to follow up with that- I stopped after about two weeks. =)  I need to get back into lifting at the gym, but the more I got into that program, the more I disliked it.  I'm sure it's great for most people, but I hate using the machines at the gyms, and this program had a lot of that.  Need to just make up my own program.

Holy cow I need to go to bed... tomorrow is busy- making up for all those slow days!

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