Monday, November 14, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread

This day started off great... Tyler slept until 6:30.  And he woke up and was happy and giggly, but that was only because he had one monster of a diaper.  Bath time in the morning today.

I started my day off with one of my favorite Chobani flavors- lemon.  Lemon tastes like it should be a decadent dessert, especially when topped with shredded unsweetened coconut (and chia seeds).  Fareway doesn't carry it though, so I only get it once and awhile when we go get groceries at Hy-Vee in Dubuque/Cedar Rapids/Waterloo.

We were so pumped and ready to go today since we were rested, but ended up having a pretty slow day.  I used that to my advantage and left a little early before lunch to go to the gym.  I did a quick treadmill workout and it felt awesome.  Here's what I did, broken down into minutes:

1-5:  Warmup at 4.0
5-8:  6.0
8-10:  6.5
10-11:  8
11-12:  6.5
12-13:  8
13-14:  6.5
14-15:  8
15-16:  6.5
16-17:  4.0 incline 2.5
17-18:  4.0 incline 5
18-19:  4.0 incline 7.5
19-20:  4.0 incline 10
20-21:  5.5 incline 7.5
21-22:  5.5 incline 5
22-23:  5.5 incline 2.5
23-24:  4.0 incline 0
24-25:  3.5 incline 0

Short and sweet.  Came home and had a grilled ham, roast beef and cheese sandwich with a little jalapeno mustard and some baby carrots on the side.

We did have a busy afternoon eventually, so that made the afternoon go by quickly.  For supper, I randomly threw some stuff together, with the sole purpose of getting rid of the broccoli in the fridge.

Again, this is random.  I heated up some cut-up frozen chipotle seasoned chicken in a skillet and added about 1 cup of water, some garlic powder and 1/3 cup of teriyaki sauce.  When it started to boil, I added the broccoli, a container of pineapple tidbits and 1 1/2 cup of uncooked brown rice.  I turned down the heat, covered it and cooked for about 10 more minutes then let it sit for awhile until most of the liquid was absorbed.

It was ok, by that I mean edible.  The chipotle chicken was a little weird with the teriyaki flavor (surprise surprise) but that's the only cooked chicken I had- I didn't want to use our precious smart chicken for the dish.  I should have put more seasoning and more teriyaki sauce in it, as it was kind of blah.  Texture-wise it was ok.

Dessert was a batch of Amish friendship bread I baked up.  Have you ever gotten these?  It's some big secret starter (which I'm sure I could find online) that you let sit for 10 days then add more sugar, flour and milk to it to make a bigger batch that you separate out to give to 4 friends or keep yourself.  Then from the remaining batter you make 2 loaves of bread.  I would give you the recipe but you kind of need the starter to make it.  If you want a starter, let me know... I have 4!

The bread is tasty, but definitely NOT healthy.  Lots of sugar, white flour, etc.  It would make a good gift.  To someone who has a healthy pancreas of course.

Think I'm going to head to bed to finish up my new book- it's a pretty easy read since I started it last night.

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