Saturday, December 10, 2011

How many days 'til Christmas?!

Well our little buddy is doing better.  He's had some rough nights the last couple nights but does pretty good during the day.  He was well enough to go to daycare yesterday and they said he did awesome.  Oh, and apparently for lunch he had apple and pear puree, mashed potatoes and a roll.  Excuse me??  Guess he's ready for more food.  He doesn't seem interested in food when we try to feed him, except for some little Gerber puffs.

I guess I have some catch-up to do with meals.  Most of them were left-overs.  That stir-fry gave me 3 meals.  Here are some notables:

One of my old favorites, strawberry Chobani with cut-up apple and sunflower seeds

Spinach salad with turkey and provolone sandwich

spinach, apple, dried cranberries, feta cheese, walnuts

Good tip from a blog I read: cut your spinach or greens with a small pizza cutter in the bowl you'll use

PB and J on a piece of Ezekial bread- homemade low sugar strawberry jam

Friday night pizza- it's not delivery, it's Digiorno

And here's a little teaser of the treat I made for a Christmas party we're going to tonight:

More to come on that later.

I'm off to get a haircut then to tackle the crowds since I'm determined to get Christmas shopping done early this year.  Yes, two weeks before Christmas is early for me.

See you with a post tomorrow.... here's a shot of the little sickie playing with Hubby.

Doesn't look so sick, I know... this is after a small dose of ibuprofen since he was pretty uncomfortable with fever and sore throat

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