Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spring is here??

I don't know how high the temperature got today, but when we were out on our walk, it was 54 degrees according to one of the banks.  Unbelievable.

We decided to get out and get some fresh air today, and bring Tyler along with us.  We dug out the stroller and went for a little stroll around town.  Stopped at the Coffee Den to get a mocha frappe [have to support the local businesses ;)] and then got a couple groceries at Fareway.

Pretty weird sight to see... walking down the sidewalk with the Christmas decor still up, dressed in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.

I didn't really feel like downloading the one picture I took on my good camera, so I'll save it for the next post.  Meals haven't been too exciting, just salads and sandwiches, same as the last couple days.  Of course tonight the Hubby couldn't resist getting out the grill, and grilled up some chicken wings and drummies.  I had some of those with some steamed broccoli after my workout class.

Nothing too much going on here, except a little visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor yesterday for Tyler.  At his 9 month check-up, he still had a bunch of wax in his ears.  The NP tried to flush it out but couldn't, so she set us up an appointment with an ENT doctor to remove the wax.  She was afraid if we didn't clear it out that he would have speech development problems because he couldn't hear clearly.

So yesterday we picked up Tyler from daycare over the lunch hour and took him in.  We were there for less than five minutes.  Got right in, the doctor was awesome and scraped out his ears in no time.  We had to hold Tyler down which wasn't fun, but he was fine once it was all over.  The doctor said he just has tiny ear canals.  Ear drums and everything else looks great though.

I didn't get to see how much junk they took out, but apparently it was quite a bit, and must have been affecting his speech.  Now we can't get him to shut up.  Bababa daddada daa daaaaa

It's pretty cute.  He is also able to play catch with Hubby, if I can figure out videos, I'll post that sometime.

Happy Friday... hope everyone is coming along well with their 2012 goals!

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