Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick weekend

Yesterday morning we worked in the office for the first time in about a month.  It always seems like the weekend flies by when we work.  

Before I forget, here's a picture of Thursday night's wings and broccoli

I started Friday morning off with an old fav, cut up apples covered by strawberry Chobani and sunflower seeds.

Lunch was leftover chili

And after a busy day we just made some quick chicken fajitas for supper.

Whole grain tortilla, mixed greens, plain Chobani, cheese and somewhere under all that is chicken and veggies

Like I said, Saturday morning we worked in the office.  My sister-in-law Katy and her son Beau came up so she could get an adjustment.  For lunch we walked down to the Coffee Den, where I got a spicy chicken wrap with veggies on the side and a chai tea latte.  I was so hungry, forgot to take a picture.  

That night we decided to clean out our freezer and use up some fish that my dad gave us.  I just dipped it in some egg and breaded it with a flour-like mixture that I have on hand for fish (also from Dad).  For a side dish, I decided to use our new slicer and make potato "chips"- more like coins.  Used baking potatoes and a sweet potato.

So apparently the blade on those things is sharp.  I was just thinking in my head, "Gee, I better be careful and not get going too fast".  

I spared you the blood shot and covered it with a bandaid


I was a little more careful after that.

For dessert I got out the ice cream maker again.  This time I wanted to make a frozen yogurt, and use up some strawberries that had been sitting in the deep freeze forever.  I looked at a couple recipes and here's what I came up with.

2 cups frozen strawberries
3 cups plain Chobani Greek yogurt
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla

I just threw it in a blender, then poured it into the ice cream maker.  Since the yogurt was 0% fat, it was a little gummy, but tasted good.  I think next time I will experiment with the sugar, and use some sort of substitute to make it even healthier.  

Today started off with a light breakfast prepared by the hubby- 2 eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast with a small glass of OJ.  

I pretty much just snacked the rest of the day.  Hubby and I took turns going to the gym and then he had basketball most of the afternoon, so I never had any time to make the roasted chicken that I planned on making.  It's hard to be productive when Tyler is attached to your hip.  He's being really clingy lately, a big momma's boy.  Makes me happy to know he loves me, but hard to do anything.  I did manage to do laundry, dishes and some other little chores.

Speaking of the gym, I had an awesome workout today.  Here's the rundown:

15 minutes run on the treadmill- 6.5

15 squats with barbell press
12 seated rows
12 pulldowns
10 lunges with lateral raise- each leg
12 straight-leg deadlifts
10 cable rhomboid pulls
Repeated all the strength moves

10 minutes ab and back strength
4 minutes Tabata on a spin bike- 20 sec all out, 10 sec rest
5 minutes stretching

It felt glorious.  

I'll leave you with some pictures of the cousins.  Hope you had a nice, peaceful weekend like me.  

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